Campanian Methane Seeps of the Pierre Shale, South Dakota

My interest in these extreme environments centers around their change through time; their structural change and the succession of both micro- and macro-fauna.


Paleozoic Formations of Western New York

Being originally from Long Island and Brooklyn, New York, I find it very exciting to be living in an area that has fossils rather than glacial till. Thus, I have begun to delve into research of the local shale formations.

Most recently, maceration experiments lead me to inadvertently find microtektites at the contact of the Angola and Rhinestreet Members of the Late Devonian West Falls Group.


I hope to get out into the field some more this season and begin work on the Windham and Wanakah members as well. I am interested in testing a recent hypothesis on monotonous lithofacies and biofacies variations.


Education-based Research

My most recent work in educational research focused on student attitudes toward teaching tools and technologies.

Currently I am collecting data on two projects, The first is on learning outcome performance and gender, previous science experiences, and efficacy, and the second is comparing learning outcomes and final grading outcomes from online and traditional in-person earth sciences courses.