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Experiential Learning

Earth Ed is a two-part program designed to help educators teach great science through professional development and long-term in-house outreach.


Making science curriculum relevant is often a challenge for teachers. With assistance and support from research faculty and graduate students, explore how to incorporate local issues into your curriculum. Make the science relevant!

Incorporate real and locally relevant community projects and science into your curriculum with assistance from graduate students and research faculty


Don’t have a research lab? Use your city as a laboratory! Carbon uptake, water supply, contamination and pollution solutions, migratory bird surveys; it is there to be studied. Discover how to incorporate citizen science into your curriculum and bring your classroom into the community.

Implementing STEM curriculum can be done anywhere! Discover how the city around you can be investigated and how your students can incorporate their new found content knowledge, math and analysis skills to solve local issues


Memorizing content and formulas is the foundation of learning; experiencing the wonders of STEM is where the growth really happens. Connecting to the world around us only truly happens through interaction. Experience moments unattainable through chalk and talk.

Experiential learning has repeatedly been shown to benefit students comprehension, retention, engagement, and self-efficacy in all disciplines.

About Us

This outreach program is run by the clinical faculty in the Departments of Environment & Sustainability and Geology at the State University of New York at Buffalo. To contact Dr. Nick Henshue with EVS directly, click below.

Nicholas Henshue, Ph.D.

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To contact Dr. Kim Meehan with GLY directly, click below.

Kimberly C. Meehan, Ph.D.

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