*Photo credit: Steve Thurston of the American Museum of Natural History, NY, NY. 


2014  –      Doctorate of Philosophy in Paleoecology, Graduate Center of the City University of New York, New York, New York                                           

 Paleoecology of Late Cretaceous methane cold-seeps of the Pierre Shale, South Dakota   Supervisor: Neil H. Landman

2011 –     Master’s of Arts in Geology, CUNY Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, New York                                          

Taxonomy and taphonomy of enigmatic Burgess Shale-type fossils of the Wheeler Formation, Utah                                                                                                                 Supervisor: Wayne G. Powell

2007  –    Bachelor’s of Art in Studio Art, CUNY Hunter College, New York, New York


2019 – present Adjunct Professor, Remote online education

2018 – 2019 Clinical Assistant Professor

University at Buffalo, Department of Geology,
Buffalo, New York                                                                      

Classes taught: Natural Hazards, Climate Change, Sedimentology & Paleontology, and Introduction to Geologic Mapping & Communication, Freshman Seminar: Mass Extinctions, Advanced Stratigraphy

Education Outreach: Creator & Coordinator of summer institute and year-long outreach program

2011 – 2016

Adjunct Assistant Professor 

Hunter College, Department of Geography, New York, New York

Courses taught: Introduction to Geology Lecture & Lab, Weather & Climate Lab, Geomorphology Lecture & Lab, Introduction to Environmental Science, and Macaulay’s Honors College – Seminar 3 (Urban Ecology)

2013 –2016

Adjunct Lecturer

Pace University, Department of Chemistry & Physical Sciences,
New York, New York


Adjunct Lecturer

Kean University, Department of Sustainable Sciences,
Union, New Jersey

2010 − 2013

Adjunct Lecturer 

Brooklyn College, Department of Geology,
Brooklyn, New York

2009 − 2011

NSF Fellowship

Brooklyn College GK12 City-as-Lab and the Academy of Urban Planning High School, Brooklyn, New York

2006 − 2009

Science Instructor for Professional Development,
New York Hall of Science, Corona, New York                       

Current Students

2018 – Kimberly Tercero-Bartlett, BA. Geology, University at Buffalo

2019 – Microfossil identification and analysis of the Cashaqua – Rhinestreet contacts following puncata event and suspected impact event.

2018 – Investigations of microtektites as possible evidence from the Devonian Alamo Impact event and its relationship to carbon-13 excursions in the Upper Cashaqua-Rhinestreet Shale Members of Western New Yo

2019 – Isabelle Li, BSc. Geology, University at Buffalo, New York

Microfossils of Rhinestreet Shale Member of the Devonian West Falls Group, Western New York

Previous Students

2018 Cody Kowalski, University at Buffalo

Microspherules as possible evidence of previously unknown impact event in the Upper Devonian West Falls Group of Western New York.

2015 –    2016       Laura LaRocca, City College, New York, New York

Investigations into Recent shifts of benthic foraminiferal populations and warm/cold water currents of the Demark Strait.

2015 – 2016 Nitara Gilles, Yvonne Chow, Sarah George, Connie Koo, Jasmine Wolfe and Brian Lopez, Hunter College and the American Museum of Natural History

Foraminifera of Late Campanian methane cold-seep assemblages South Dakota.

2013 – 2014         Eric Breitenbach, Hunter College and American Museum of Natural History

REU: Biography and light isotope geochemistry of ammonites and Inoceramids of methane cold seeps of the Pierre Shale, South Dakota

2013 – 2014         Mariya Mego Vela, Hunter College and American Museum of Natural History, New York, New York

REU: Foraminifera as paleodepth indicators of the Pierre Shale, South Dakota

2012 – 2014          Alexander M. Krawchuk, Hunter College and American Museum of Natural History, New York, New York

REU: Investigations into the mineralogy of methane cold-seeps and correlation to stage of maturity and duration of fluid flow