*Photo credit: Steve Thurston of the American Museum of Natural History, NY, NY.


2014                                    PhD in Geology, Graduate Center of the City University of New York

Thesis Title: Paleoecology of Late Cretaceous methane cold-seeps of the Pierre Shale, South Dakota

Supervisor: Neil H. Landman

2011                                                                    MA in Geology, Brooklyn College  – City University of New York

Thesis Title: Taxonomy and taphonomy of enigmatic Burgess Shale-type fossils of the Wheeler Formation, Utah

Supervisor: Wayne G. Powell

2007                                                                     BA in Studio Art, Hunter College – City University of New York

Employment History

2018 – present Clinical Assistant Professor

University at Buffalo, Department of Geology, Buffalo,  New York

Classes taught: Natural Hazards, Climate Change, Sedimentology & Paleontology, and Introduction to Geologic Mapping & Communication, Freshman Seminar: Mass Extinctions, Advanced Stratigraphy

Education Outreach Creator & Coordinator of the NYS accredited Earth Ed summer institute and year-long professional development & outreach program

2011 – 2016        Adjunct Assistant Professor

Hunter College, Department of Geography, New York, New York

Courses taught: Introduction to Geology Lecture & Lab, Weather & Climate Lab, Geomorphology Lecture & Lab, Introduction to Environmental Science, and Macaulay’s Honors College – Seminar 3 (Urban Ecology)

2013 –2016         Adjunct Lecturer

Pace University, Department of Chemistry & Physical Sciences, New York, New York

Courses taught: Intro to the Physical World Lecture and Lab    

2010 − 2013       Adjunct Lecturer

Brooklyn College, Department of Geology, Brooklyn, New York

Courses taught: Geology Core Lecture and Lab, Environmental Learning Community Lab,

Geology 101 Lab

2009 − 2011       National Science Foundation (NSF) Fellowship

Brooklyn College GK12 City-as-Lab and Academy of Urban Planning High School, Brooklyn, New York

2006 − 2009      Science Instructor for Professional DevelopmentNew York Hall of Science, Corona, New York

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • K.C. Meehan and P. Bembia, 2020, Mud volcano derived carbonate pipe concretions from the Late Devonian Pipe Creek Shale, Appalachian Basin, western New York. (In review)
  • I. Li, K. Bartlett, C. Kowalski, P. Bembia, and K.C. Meehan, 2020, Paleoecology and predominance facies of Late Devonian Foraminifera in deltaic sequences of the Appalachian Basin, Western New York, U.S.A. ( In review)
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  • K.C. Handle and W.G. Powell, 2012. Morphologically simple enigmatic fossils from the Wheeler Formation, Utah: A comparative analysis: Palaios, v. 27, p. 304 – 316.

Recent Conference Papers and Presentations

  • T.K.P. Gregg, J.T. Boyle, K.C. Meehan, M. Jadamec, J.D. Briner, 2020. Covid-19 and Field Training: U. at Buffalo’s summer virtual mapping course, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 52, no. 6
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  • M. Mego Vela, K.C Meehan, N.H. Landman, and E. Thomas, 2014. Foraminifera of ancient methane cold-seeps as paleodepth indicators in the Pierre Shale, South Dakota. Geological Society of America National Meeting, Vancouver, Canada.
  • E. Breitenbach, K.C. Meehan, and N.H. Landman, 2014. Light isotope analysis and biogeography of Late

Cretaceous methane cold seeps of the Pierre Shale, South Dakota. Geological Society of America National Meeting, Vancouver, Canada.

  • A.M. Krawchuk, K.C. Handle, and N.H. Landman, 2013. Mineralogy of Late Cretaceous methane cold-seeps of the Pierre Shale, South Dakota. GSA Annual Meeting in Denver. 2013.

Professional Affiliations

Wayne State University, Department of Chemistry, Detroit, Michigan


2019      Reviewer, Paleobiology