New and now the youngest Orthotheca (species name TBD) found in North America from the Frasnian (Middle Devonian) Michigan Basin (MI and OH)

ARC 633 Moves into compression brick-making mode!

Undergraduate Experiential Learning Lab Images Spring 2022

Kelsey Newlands is currently learning different fossil excavation, prep, and replication techniques (photos 1 – 3). Alyssa Sands, who is super sneaky and I never see her IN the lab, but she leaves evidence that she has been in, is working on perfecting an effluent as a water substitute for bacterially mediated carbonate production in soil compression bricks (clay and chicken poop test brick; photo 4, far right).

ARC 633 Cementicious Graduate Course Field Trips

ARC 633 is a graduate-level architecture course centered around cement co-taught with Christopher Romano (ARC) and Kim Meehan (GLY). Phase 1 of the course takes the students out of the classroom and into the natural surroundings of WNY as they relate to building material – specifically cements.

Finally retrieved some algal cysts that show some internal and external structures!

New Agglutinated and Calcareous foraminifera images from the Givetian Oatka Shale and Onondaga Limestone, Appalachian Deltaic sequences in western NY.

While conducting simple maceration experiments with quaternary surfactants on the local shale here in Western New York I stumbled upon something pretty amazing. Microtectites! The search for their location in the Rhinestreet Member of the West Falls group continues with the help of undergraduate student, Cody Kowalski, retired  SUNY Fredonia professor, Gary Lash, and West Valley NYSERDA Program Director, Paul Bembia….